carp fishing in france

Carp Fishing Gallery 3

A selection of some of the captures from Lake Merault our Carp fishing lake in France - These photo's on this page date back to year 2000. If you would like to view recent photo's from lake merault please go back to the home page and click the recent photo's link. Hold your mouse pointer over the image for more information or click an image for a larger photo.

Etang Merault - Swim 1 Etang Merault - Looking down the lake from the left of the outlet Etang Merault - Looking down the lake from the right of the outlet Nice one deano - nice to see you showing dad the way to do it
Nice fish Tony - Slightly bigger than Dean's fish I would say Tony wouldn't you! Well you finally made it Steve only hope this photo doesn't frighten people from coming over just in case they meet you - well done steve 53lb.11oz there getting bigger Son! 24lb 10oz Merault Mirror
26lb.11oz 21lb.06 nice mirror - You can go home now son!! Super merault catfish 26lb mirror
48lb catfish 31lb catfish 32lb.07oz merault mirror

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Lake Merault

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