carp fishing in france

Catch Reports


25th May - 1st June

Weather not what we hoped for as the rain never stopped from the moment we arrived untill we left the lake but the fishing was top class, 29 carp to 46lb with 3 cats to 74lb. Bait used cell and new grange with hemp seed. Smashing venue and look forward to coming again sometime

Manny thanks Fred and Danny all the best Jeff, Mark and Pauline - Lea on sea

18th - 25th May

Great lake facillities all good and really a great bargin at 600 quid this one. 22 carp between 18lb and 38lb with a few bigger fish lost due to our bad luck !

Really nice to have finally met you both and just to say you do a really great job so keep it up boys....Jim and Cath - Basildon in Essex

11th - 18th May

Very slow for the first 3 days but did improve during the last 4 days and we ended up with 16 fish which we both consider a good result after the weather that we had. Will never forget that thursday night when i had a superb brace of mirror's weighing in at 41lb and 43.05

Thank you very much and look forward to seeing you again next year but just hope the weather is better !! - Terry and Lee

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