carp fishing in france

Catch Reports


20th - 27th Septembery

Catch report coming soon...23 fish in total for the week, no big girls this week but fish to mid 30's along with a catfish of 35lb. Will update when i have catch report.

13th - 20th September

This week saw the visit again of John and Dave from Basildon, Several good carp encluding 2 * forty pound carp, 40lb et 43lb.8oz so a 40 for both anglers which was very pleasing for me personally as both John and Dave are a great act together and very good anglers. Best Cat of the week was a 75lb which fell to the rods of Dave

Well done to both of you and good angling during which was a difficult week....Fred & Danny - Carp Hunters Abroad .

6th - 13th September

This week saw the visit of Ray, Len and Robbie from Hants. They enjoyed a good week after a some what slow start ending up with 14 fish to 39lb with the best catfish being 25lb

Many thanks for your trip over and look forward to seeing you again next year in May....All the best Fred & Danny - Carp Hunters Abroad

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