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Catch Reports


20th - 27th August

This week saw the visit of Tom and Stewart from Portsmouth who had a very difficult week due to the heat wave that we are having here at the moment in France. To their credit and good angling skills they did manage several fish to mid 30's so very well done to the both of you and hope to see you both back one day. Fred & Danny

13th - 20th August

Hi Fred, Yeah sorry to miss you yesterday morning. Things were a bit tight to catch the ferry so we needed to get on our way. We finished the week with 21 fish, 9 cats to 46lb 8oz and 12 carp to 31lb 8oz. Rob had 14 fish (7 carp to 31lb 8oz and 7 cats to 46lb 8oz) and I had just the 7 (5 carp to 29lb 8oz and 2 cats to 35lb). We both had about 20 runs each so my conversion rate didn't improve dramatically sadly. Was having to fish tight to the snags and back lead to get bites which wasn't conducive to then getting them out once hooked! I did fish open water the last two nights to try and overcome the problem - got one run but had another hook pull - one of 5 or 6 for me. Not a problem I've ever had before so bloody frustrating it would happen on this trip with such good fish on offer, but that's fishing! My luck was definitively not in this week. Bizarrely the bites really dried up in the last 48 hours when conditions improved dramatically - we thought the lower pressure, cloud cover and a bit of rain Might have switched them on and we would have a productive end to the week but it had the adverse affect. Most fish fell to ntrap d rigs with a variety of hook baits. Fruitella wafters and almond goo manilla wafters proving most productive. Rob also had half his fish on hinge stiff rigs with pink pop ups - mainly northern specials. The cats really seemed to like these. I'm out all day today but I'll upload the pics from my camera and send over tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for all your advise, we would have loved a big un but we had a good trip. Hope to be back one day but cost and getting the green lights from both our partners means it's unlikely to be an annual trip sadly! Harry & Rob

6th - 13th August

This week saw our regulars Simon and son Daniel and Adrian who enjoyed a good week catching most fish during the day time, around a dozen fish to mid 30"s. Best fish of the week fell to the rods of Daniel along with a few catfish

Hope you had a good trip home and hope to see you all again in the future, Fred & Danny

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