carp fishing in france

Catch Reports


19th - 26th May

Fantastic weeks fishing Fred, finished up with 26 fish between the 3 of us with the pick of the week being - 63lb, 57.08, 51lb, 48.12, 44.04 all mirrors, loads of low to high 30's and 3 fat cats between 25lb and 50lb. High vis pop up's fished over Mainline cell

Thanks for all you help Fred and see you again next year - Gary, Lee and Alan

12th - 19th May

Hi Fred, sorry we missed you this morning as we decided to get away early, we left at 6am. Mandy caught a 61lb mirror last night and what a fish it was ! 17 runs with 13 fish landed all on mainline cell. Had a fantastic time and can' t wait to get back on next year.

Roll on next spring - Eric & Mandy

5th - 12th May

Well after speaking to the lads on the week before us we couldn't wait to get the rods out. Mark was away first with a stunning 48lb common and then it was my turn with a mint looking 37.012 mirror and by Monday morning we had banked 16 carp to 55lb. Things went very quite for two days but we ended up with another 14 fish during the last 3 days, so in total we had 30 fish between us. Pick of the week was an absolutely gorgeous mirror which went 52.14 to go along with the 55lb mirror, 3 x 40's and 17 x 30's, 6 x 20's and a few low doubles. We also had 2 cats 45lb and another a little smaller

Amazing place Fred and look forward to seeing you again soon - Mark & Gary

28th of April - 5th of May

Hi Fred, what a fantastic venue and still going strong after almost 20 years now. The growth weights of these fish are just unbelievable, the 54.08 mirror i had tuesday evening Simon caught in May 2015 at 33lb !!. We managed 21 fish between us with black spot at an amazing 75lb ! thats a 25lb growth weight of 22lb since i first caught it in 2012. Can not recommend this lake highly enough and Fred's a diamond

Cheers Fred and look after yourself mate. All the best Lee & Liam from Romford

My Lake, My Girlfriend and 3 fat commons.....

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